Ash Aimed iii

feelings of inadequacy overwhelming guilt filled angst ridden
card dealer for cards more than blackjack when player hits past seventeen
pushing buttons for luck with no counting skills
pissed at angry dreams with no fuss or frills

begging to see beyond point of nose as air fills nostrils
still gaping holes begging for oxygen delivered to iron lungs
encased in ribcage spatial recognition flawed brain cells skills
watching patterns unfold infinitely repeating futures past

how does one face fears when tears blind eyes to what’s real?
who really sees objectively? robots with no feel or people with no think?
delusion is real yet source of happy feet?
who then are we to be disturbing sleep?

blissful desire for right overriding happiness in sight
ignorance is king in blind man’s seas tossed to and fro
horizon waves solid frozen pot of gold elusive to chase
forgetting she comes again  as promised lands roll by man stuck

plight of unknown desires require more time to take flight
for fright freezes in place snow balls roll gathering no moss
death tolls sung for the lost stuck in a past time reviewed
endlessly by umpires on television screens critically acclaimed

analysts dissecting everything postulating state of affairs
never cause of that which we can clearly see for what is hidden
must be answer to everything unseen not destiny child of seven seeds
planted in garden breeze for memories live in beauty’s skin


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