Denny Wolfe ii

dear denny kill all of the children and women let there be nothing left to be remembered by killing is what killers do not develop a conscience make sure you slaughter pets too leave no one alive to witness your merciless mercy swift in the name of God and all that is righteous let no one think of taking vengeance on a savage so savage you drink blood with your enemies skull pour out libation for all fallen who fought valiantly weak in their sleep they did not see you coming no one ever expects to be killed except the killer in his sleep light on his feet moving ninja like on streets he resembles you but he must be me trained refugee in art of the weak lord bless the deceased lord bless the bereaved lord bless us all please lest he terribly speaks devil is his piece still angelic disease spread plagues to all enslaved ashamed of new last names on graves paid for with blood paved stains on grey trays stuck in ground case


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