Frustration final

unable to produce results arise angry fist pumps struck dumb no energy to lift off disgust wipe off this dust discuss the real cause lost in deep thought words that swim forth cause diseased coughs confused walks who’s the real boss? who do we trust? how do we run inform on wisdom to whom do we turn when nights turn cold and days turn make decision insist on change deceased course old fade into moonlight deceived us the world resists us lost souls promised in youth yet we die in this form young chasing dreams that turn into nightmares drive fears deeper into subconscious all ears to anyone with solutions but myself I stress digress my wealth or health tight belt of fear distrusting the very source of thinking the mind-sphere afraid I might snare my years inside here between these lines I stand scared afraid I won’t wake up I stand here not acting just backed in racking brain cells for ways out of turbulent word water puzzle tussle struggles through hustled permutations of nightmares spared fears snare heirs tears fell when we came near death experience difference insistence on similar resist hence fought with Jesus who deceived us weather the big storms resistors transmit his vision become incisors in mouth of wisdom tooth removed faults revealed flaws beautiful woven tapestry of discourse for the words poured forth fall to reveal all four ports of course the thoughts want more to call resist us not or fall


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