Manny Pull ate it iv

oh! you damn dirty ape goddammit you tricked me again fake mother of pearl so good at your dramatic gameplay shame taking my silence for weakness to be dominated by your mentally exhausting tiring games of blame finding something I did not that I should have having ass with nothing good to say since I don’t speak you just want some space in my mental haven trying to sow some discontent vows to be correct so that I might change but you see me changing in front of you growing more and more content you only want me when you need me because you know I have it and like a cheap prostitute will give you what you want before you pay and run away again until the next time when you play coy and we play the blame game once again you blame me I feign shame blame fame or holy righteous indignation lame beating the air on my chest bare furrowed brow sweat of my tears glare shouting in square about weakness fear but I’m broken tired feeling ugly scared hungry searching for better light than this abyss I find myself in again not knowing that I shine bright fly by the seat of pants light past starry skies eyes filled with ice prized fighter trained in art of creating fame for all who take freely of what is given by naive judas priests thinking they save the world on broken dreams of insanity in vanity stuck observing reflected light illusions of form contained in frailty to be cursed by time moving at the speed of light sounds pushing the listener to heights faster than bleeding hearts revisit past accomplishments limit facts to fleeting moments that swiftly pass


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