midknight knight final

give us us free
freedom does not seem free
enough to be given
too weak
insisting on disease
released from its cage
for children to listen
singing in systems
new thing that’s all rage
wisdom from some page
we have to pay the fee to free ourselves
from what is forbidden
city streets filled with precision
caged birds singing to feed
poisonous hens weakening the seed
disastrous men beginning to bleed
search for the hidden
wisdom is for giving
automatic city land of decision
doing what we love for fees
to get by till next time
do what we please
we get high by seat of our pants tight
genes squeezed to give right fit
slaves to ways of the free
paved on frames
of all seeking more fame
dames too lame to blame
for unwritten game
set right beat
check rhymes please
free mind seize
are all rich free or cheese sticks
is that what we must be
free range animals roaming lands feed
waiting until predator pounce upon us feeds
savage ravage frothing acid
dripping saliva mouth
hunger pains forming hand
out inheritance for knowledge of times
muscles tense up debating flight feet
passed by observers who lie
good die young so let us breed
in numbers so vast you cannot replete
multiply with ease venereal disease
life expectancy too short to grieve
another one leaves
so be it
just give us us free


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