certainly uncertain iv

you are afraid because you do not know
searching for success that is paved with gold
all fear is ignorance you do not know
searching for something that will stretch the soul
you are uncertain these feelings are unsettling
regretting the minute you were certain
leaving comfort to chase an assertion
you do not like uncertainty
how can you fear what you do not know
how can you be afraid when you do not know
if something will harm or maim you
do you not then know
is that not certainty
a paradox
you do not fear what you do not know
how much of this can I show
you are reading it wrong
your body is in a heightened state
adrenaline pumping
slowing down time to a crawl
heart beat racing
overstimulating information feed
bypassing logic think
observing something strange
nervous excitement
you are about to discover
something new about reality
what it is you do not know
what you feel you do not know
preparation for change
a change in patterns seen
confirmation of guesses dreamed
or its denial refuted rebuttal
either way you will learn
if you do not feel safe
you will still learn what you are capable of
or bend to the will of the moment
for you do not know
there is a lot you do not know
a lot still you are yet to learn
embrace uncertainty
for within it is discovery
in discovery lies a form of certainty
a dance between the certain and uncertain
what you know and do not
you do not know that you know
you do not know that you do not know
knowledge in ignorance
know the ledge in ignorance
nervous excitement
outside the zone of comfort
outside what you know
you will not know what to say or do
everything in this space is an experiment
outside what you know
this is a chance to grow
let go of control


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