irate specialist iv

this body inhabited by spirit unseen ungleamed undreamed plucked from dreams of the sea culled from unseen schemes drawn on obscene she calls from within to see that which is believed without beheld by mind inhabited by thousands of whys it seems this body received not freely to give one once born residing in dreams of getting within no choice in matter yet judging the scene believing in schemes subtle deceit inadequate for the job risen at hand yet design never fails in creating the plan this machine sentient it seems in deed was created through experimental design doing what it was meant for measured against size of unseen mind poisoned by sound unclean lies accepted developed in illusion delusion these illusions false competition created by mind in seclusion seclude some within all things become real except reality dodged by heart broken shattered glass who believe that reality is cruel dream is reality schemes never realizing nightmare it is screaming wake up MOTHAFUCKA! reality screams you are just in a dream everything is relative to it big only when small is the scheme proportion is key even that is unreal created by random experimental double blind control what is it you want to feel what is it you want to build to feel this who the fuck are you whoever you want me to be YOU BITCH!! who do you want to be how do you want me to feel incessant disease


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