Profound Bandit ii

filled with burning raging want to have now this moment in this instant no delay fastest most efficient stress free without having to work study read just being one with information knowledge to have it all before me right now part of burning yearning sensation itch to scratch refusing to do so in name of discipline distracted by feelings longings wanting what is past in future present right now push button fulfilled desires dreams plucked out of imagination improve life or style or lifestyles rich famous secretly doing what eludes grasp of hands fooled again mind thinks it knows learning nothing everything a horde of information in same place a library not a person implementing moving upwards or forwards dying in stationary position as everything else in the world including the world changes spinning in oscillations so fast the world changes yet learning continues as constant feeling of ignorance coupled with desire drives all decisions emotions pushing for more information to make a decision on that which you want for fear of wanting what is wrong or what you want assuming it says something about you or where you are or afterward yet you do not know searching seeking for what you are outside of the truth that is you deciding who and what to be do what you believe a machine with chemical processes running based on programming received break free deliver me accept that you believe in this we are all god devil christ satan emotionally unstable denying ourselves so that we desire ourselves in a struggle between pleasure and pain which have no difference but the meaning assigned so release yourself from the prison in mind it doesn’t exist thoughts swimming around everybody has them wants them to mean something chemical processes running around you are not them they are not you but their interaction a part of you what do you choose, to be who you are or to struggle with yourself? ignorance is the only way to learn


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