ex part wizard final

I want to explode with you in you till infinity and beyond timelines of fine wine while we dine mad gab mind rhymes with fine dimes downtown who lie down on brown grounds with no grass or mound pounds in my line of work I come for more than paul as pores cold floor lord call for curse of course I’m poor in bank accounts that call for more service fees service me for services unrendered free more caresses please caressing me on bended knees with swallowed seeds unhealthy genes passed on from gentle trees swaying leaves playing sings asking if this is the last time I’ll ever be carried free on breasts of memories for seventy more years to care for fear of tears scared yell tell as air is spelled from chest to death despair repair broken dreams sinking deep drink to think brink of extinction destined knee free for remedy to ailing sick needy screams needing me to celebrate growth rate moats independent groaning boats float goats who gloat the most I know is to row merrily down streams dreamed of life evergreen in memories of seven gees who went near edgy ledge retrieving wealth gold rush struggle hustle muscle strength is spent to rent in lent giving up all living fun for death is near the air in hell burns throats smoking choke cough tokes all goals with more hope to change the world you live in is important for children to listen


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