midnight desperado final

homo erectus superior sapio intellectually intelligently sexualized deception charged dark knight free bird marauder passed slaying hearts apart upon land always playing part notoriously smart avoiding at all costs man in dark mask taking part what you cannot have what every woman dreams off but knows they cannot should not have too much freedom liberating body parts ignoring facts emotions emotionally smart come from heart release believe you please so we may have control of emotional scars being out of control ruins us you motherfucking tyrannical rats who scurry in a hurry moment we become attached weakness we cannot afford unleash damage we carry within last ones we buried in dreams deep within fortress in forests buttressed by fort walls on all sides with no doors or windows for you to crawl in on all fours back with gift of gab assassinating heart gunshot arrows piercing vulnerable parts teaching how it is never okay to cry over anyone because no one cares more moment we become attached consistently cutting out sliced ginsu blade precision decision designed bright light darkness of night let no one come close inside aggressive mothers who keep pushing ignoring subtleties art slower better stop pushing stop pushing for God’s sake STOP PUSHING I like what I must stop liking to free myself to be one with that which I do not want to admit without pause a full realization of unknown powers poured from throne hours after king pardons all killers criminals dealers partakers in art spoils of war love falls on deaf ears to all who resist wet fears crying that they gave in to feelings of emotional turmoil chaotic past wake us up embrace what we want what we take given with such sweet love caressed with so much joy we know end from start why bother engaging with facts why bother with breaking heart why bother with waking minds are philosophers not monkeys dancing in minds of gods to what they do not understand


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