Arrow Gant Men Ace ii

stuck between rock that is heart and hard place
no turning back return to reality stuck looking past
pillar of salt fueled by tears detached melting every fear
every time another piece is cut out mind dies
pain plays emotional drums on landscape of thoughts
shared by religious philosophical prophesies of doom
all die alone yet afraid to live committed to nothing
everyone believes that freedom is free till the nothingness
leaves us all awash with burden disease
give us us free so we can have cake and eat it all
live free and die intelligent faster
than our fathers mothers believing pasta will feed us
faster than the reverend father’s sanctimonious casters of all
four ploys to pour out words to express feelings that can be
seen but in action destroyed by the very image created
to adapt all situations to beautiful feelings no one wants
outside of romance killing all good things come to an end regardless
of feelings everyone seeking to be special
forgetting the truth of who they are created unique
stuck between soft and hard way afraid dick will break
spell only to watch magic made mothafucka fade away on
darkest place talking oneself away from desired desires only to
realize you have been played by yourself betrayed by
emotional slaves to behave in ways for days that have no
ways to say what is happening in their heads do you feel betrayed?
awakened with rage motivated to double down efforts
to neglect all thoughts of morality unleash animal from cage
completely fulfilled protected by mother nature till
next on higher or death changes the creation desired refired
for fire is higher that the sire sent messiah
denial only serves to fuel fire for choir hour after hour


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