The idea is simple
Set a 5 minute timer 
Write a poem
Post it

Each poem is based on a topic we select
The first post is your rough draft – no edits
The posts on the following days are edits
We collectively critique each poem every Friday

If after subsequent edits
You feel you have nothing more to add or subtract
Write a new poem based on the topic
The overall goal is to build technique

Share tips, tricks, methods, ideas for writing

5 mins
Set a 5 minute timer
Write without editing
Edit subsequently for minutes only

Write one line
Repeat the exact same line for the number of lines of the poem
Change subsequent lines based on the first line

Write one line
Break the line into individual words with each word starting a new line
turn each word into a line

write out one word
write out as many words as you can think of that rhyme with the first word
keep doing this even if you repeat words until sentences start forming

use a rhyme you already know
write out the phrase and change the ending or the second phrase